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Live Score Matches

Match Match Date Scorecard
Just Want to Play Cricket VS Cruisers (DCL Fall League 2019 Division E) 24th November 2019 12:00 PM View Scoreboard
SAFFRON ARMY ( MCS 9 ) VS UNDEFEATABLE ( MCS 9 ) (MCS SEASON 9) 18th November 2019 10:30 PM View Scoreboard
Kutiyana Smashers VS Kutiyana Blasters (Kutiyana Champions League) 18th November 2019 09:00 PM View Scoreboard
Maratha Arabian(T) VS Qualandar(T) 18th November 2019 03:05 PM View Scoreboard
Shailesh 123 VS Shivam 123 18th November 2019 06:47 AM View Scoreboard


Recent Matches

Match Match Date Scorecard
South Africa Under-19s VS Pakistan Under-19s 27th June 2020 10:00 AM View Scoreboard
SCC 2nd VS India 16th January 2020 05:18 PM View Scoreboard
Friends Uppala VS Friends Majal 27th November 2019 10:00 AM View Scoreboard
ALL STARS (MCS 9) VS VIKING WARRIOS ( MCS 9) (MCS SEASON 9) 18th November 2019 11:30 PM View Scoreboard
Lajpor Warrious VS Rander Knight Rider 18th November 2019 10:50 PM View Scoreboard