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Live Score Matches

Match Match Date Scorecard
Moonee Valley Cricket Club VS England CG XI (World cup 2017) 9th April 2017 05:00 PM View Scoreboard
Indomie Dragons VS Lothers (IDB Super League) 31st March 2017 07:00 PM View Scoreboard
Sandeep Warriors VS Chandra Warriors 30th March 2017 06:38 PM View Scoreboard
Monteck VS A.K.D 30th March 2017 09:50 AM View Scoreboard
Anjan Tiger's VS Suraj Lions 30th March 2017 07:29 AM View Scoreboard


Recent Matches

Match Match Date Scorecard
Kyross VS Protocol Allinace (CCL -2) 2nd June 2017 02:00 PM View Scoreboard
Australia CG XI VS Paul XI (World cup 2017) 7th April 2017 04:00 PM View Scoreboard
7 Khoon Maaf VS Mahakaal 30th March 2017 06:01 PM View Scoreboard
Aryans VS Hahakari 30th March 2017 05:15 PM View Scoreboard
Raj VS Anj 30th March 2017 05:10 PM View Scoreboard